David Topel, Charlene Carr, Matthew Cloran, Richard Paul

"New, powerful, flawlessly executed" — PGN

"A pioneering work by a gifted composer. Every song Mr. Ogborn writes lights another candle in this time of darkness. With bold conviction, he has memorialized the courage of a devastated generation" —Rex Reed

"Michael Ogborn pushed back the limits of art, activism and theater for this grateful admirer.
So much rage and so much compassion demand a truly fine mind and heart to convey." — Lorene Cary

David Topel, Barbara Solarz, Matthew Cloran

Richard Pa

"Pride Fest 1992"

C'EST LA GUERRE! MP3's & Video
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Oldest Friend • Dementia • Vaccine • YouTube Video

Wilma Theater Poster, 1991

Front Row: Michael Ogborn, Barbara Solarz Second Row: Matthew Cloran, David Topel, Suzanne Smart, Todd Waddington, Richard Paul

A Song Cycle from the War on AIDS

Music & Lyrics by Michael Ogborn
© 1990 all rights reserved

CAST: Two Women and Three Men

15th Anniversary cast 2005: Amy Accione, Michael Ogborn,
Matt Taylor; Back row: Victoria DePaul, Peter Danzig, Richard Paul